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AJL - About A.J. Lester & Associates, Inc. is the premier consulting firm that specializes in negotiating direct agreements between self-funded employers and medical providers. This creates employer-owned networks that provide medical care to employees and their dependents covered by the employer's health plan. A.J. Lester & Associates, Inc. is the leader in its field thanks to the continual pursuit of satisfying its clients.



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Simple and Effective

While the "best" solutions offered by the health insurance industry have only resulted in escalating employer costs over the past 20 years, our simple, yet effective, solutions have provided true cost containment. Through our bold ideas and steadfast non-allegiance to conventional managed care thinking (driven by the major insurance carriers), we've helped our clients achieve the results they were missing without us.

Win-Win Philosophy

Our vision is to change the face of managed care in America by helping self-insured employers eliminate the managed care middleman to reduce the costs, problems, and dissatisfaction associated with commercial networks. Bringing the buyer (employer) and seller (medical provider) together into a direct business relationship creates a "win-win" situation from which both parties can benefit.

Our History

A.J. Lester & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1999 by Howard "A.J." Lester and built upon the expertise he gained in his twenty previous years as an employee benefits professional. Drawing on his years of experience in managed care with two major carriers, a national TPA, and one of the world's largest benefits consulting firms, A.J. built his firm upon the success of clients who implemented his innovative strategies as an alternative to costly and ineffective conventional approaches.



Unlike many carrier-centric consulting firms, we provide our clients a higher quality of specialized service through humble, straight-forward, and value-based attention. Our focus starts with the simple things, like always calling clients back within one business day and providing very specific billing details. From there, we work tirelessly and intelligently to assure all of our clients' expectations for excellent service are exceeded.


A.J. Lester & Associates, Inc. is a firm committed to service excellence by creating a high-quality business relationships between employers and medical providers, the true buyers and sellers in managed care. By scrupulously analyzing client needs and daring to think "outside-the-box," our client solutions combine the best of traditional and non-traditional approaches.

Our Clients

Our longest-term clients have been with us since the founding of A.J. Lester & Associates, Inc. The strength and longevity of these client relationships is based upon a simple, yet critical, set of values. We provide all our clients with mutual respect, joint-accountability, and a shared commitment to do what's right. These values show up in everything we do and are the central feature in our successful servicing of our clients.


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