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AJL - ResourcesA trusted source of information is invaluable to business decision-makers. On this page, you can find our press releases, reports and publications that further explain why direct contracting may be the best solution for you. Furthermore, here you can find a myriad of helpful links that provide additional information useful to employers, medical providers, and benefit professionals.


Check out our press releases, read media coverage of our firm, and request media contacts for timely interviews, statements, sound-bites, and articles for publication.


In The News

A.J. Lester & Associates' innovative efforts in the field of direct contracting have received considerable media attention, especially in the business press and employee benefit publications.

bullet A partial list of articles related to direct contracting and links to the full-text articles separator

Media Contacts

Direct managed care contracting makes for captivating reading, listening, or watching, especially to those companies that desperately need new ideas to stem rising costs and growing problems. A.J. Lester, founder of A.J. Lester & Associates, Inc. is available by appointment for phone or in-person interviews by members of the media. Contact him directly at (713) 270-4277 or by e-mail - . (Note: Clicking on the e-mail link will open your default e-mail program.)

Reports and Publications

A.J. Lester & Associates, Inc. has published information about direct managed care contracting for use by our clients and others. We also follow contemporary reports and publications by many private and public sources.

bullet Direct Managed Care Contracting: Everything You Always Needed to Know About Employer Owned Networks
bullet White Paper - Physicians Cutting Out the Middleman: How to Contract Directly with Employers & Eliminate Adversarial Managed Care Agreements
bullet Direct Contracting Myths Keep Employers in the Dark

Speakers And Conferences

Direct managed care contracting is a captivating topic for conferences aimed at employers, medical providers, human resource and benefit professionals, and others.


Speaker's Bureau

A.J. Lester, an accomplished and engaging public speaker, offers conference organizers a fresh, "outside-the-box" way to excite and inspire conference attendees who may have thought they'd heard it all. A.J. Lester is available for a select number of speaking engagements each year, as his schedule permits. For more information, contact A.J. Lester directly at (713) 270-4277 or by e-mail - . (Note: Clicking on the e-mail link will open your default e-mail program.)



Here you can read about the current conferences pertaining to direct managed care contracting. If you would like your upcoming conference listed on this site, please e-mail the details to . (Note: Clicking on the e-mail link will open your default e-mail program.)

bullet List of Upcoming Conferences
bullet Other Conferences We Recommend

No endorsement or specific promotion of these links is implied or intended by their appearance and no remuneration has been accepted for their inclusion on the list. If you are interested in listing your site on our links, please send your request to . (Note: Clicking on the e-mail link will open your default e-mail program.)

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