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AJL - SuccessA.J. Lester & Associates, Inc. has helped clients achieve stronger savings, higher ROI, and greater employee satisfaction. This page features a number of case studies and testamonials that confirm A.J. Lester's position as the leading figure in direct provider contracting, and prove that eliminating the managed care middleman works - the results speak for themselves!

Case Studies

$2.5 Billion employer, 21K EEs in 15 states

Our client, a $2.5 Billion company with 21,000 employees and facilities across 15 states, was facing 18% annual increases in health plan expenditures and their carrier's inadequate provider networks in outlying locations.

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Private employer, 5,500 lives widely dispersed

Our client, a privately-held company with 5,500 covered lives, has production and distribution facilities in twelve states. With many employees residing in small towns and rural areas where PPO networks were insufficient, health plan costs were escalating and indemnity options were no longer viable. This employer wanted to offer managed care to its employees, but only if all employees could have access to it.

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Fortune 100 employer, 35K EEs, network problems

Our client, a Fortune 500 company with 35,000 employees across the U.S., found that the proprietary PPO networks offered by its insurance carrier were not producing savings in outlying and rural locations. Our client's plan costs in those locations were skyrocketing and employees were dissatisfied with their managed care benefits.

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Happy and satisfied clients are the best spokesmen for a successful consulting firm. Our wide variety of clients enthusiastically support our efforts to help them save money and find effective solutions to the increasingly complex benefit challenges they face. Here's what a few of our clients have to say about A.J. Lester & Associates:


"Prior to having our own networks, our health plan costs were increasing by 18-20% annually. Thanks to direct contracting, our costs have flattened out, with annual increases limited to less than 2%, and our per-employee-per-year cost is dramatically lower than the national average. Our savings average 22% of what we would have paid without direct networks. Considering the large number of networks we've developed, we've achieved a return on investment of at least 30:1, while still tailoring each network to the preferences of our associates."

Roger Merrill, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Perdue Farms, Inc.


"Blue Bell is very satisfied having its own provider networks. Our physician/hospital networks are extremely stable and we have very good relationships with our contracted providers. What's more, our employees are very satisfied with the networks that Blue Bell owns . Savings to our overall claims fund have been greater than 20% and we estimate we've saved $20 for every dollar spent developing these networks."

William Rankin, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, Blue Bell Creameries, L.P.

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